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Partner Program

At Defensive, we have a channel strategy that enables our partners to build a good, strong, and profitable business on the services we offer.

We make it easy for our partners to grow their revenue YOY. Our dedicated business and marketing teams support our partners and help with meetings, sales & technical training, events, consulting, training, business development, and more.

Our partner strategy is deeply rooted in our business DNA. We have built a coherent partner program that makes it easy to join. Together we focus on building a new pipeline instead of making large upfront investments in diverse trainings and certifications.

There are three categories (Gold, Silver & Bronze) in the partner program. Depending on the status and focus, there are various perks which you as a partner can benefit from.

Benefits of partnering with Defensive

What we don’t do

At Defensive, we don't sell hardware or software: when we generate a report for a customer we will suggest technologies without mentioning specific vendor names. We leave it up to our partners to decide which solution should be offered to each specific customer. This way, our solutions bring value to the pipeline growth of the security vendors of choice at the different partners we work with.

If you want to become a partner of one of the IT industry's most innovative and dedicated companies, reach out to us for a non-binding dialogue.

Give us a call at (+45) 53 87 42 14