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Defensive IT Solutions ApS (hereinafter referred to in short as “Defensive”) only allows you to use (access, store on a local hard drive or print) the Defensive website upon accepting the following conditions:

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  3. The website defit.dk by Defensive and the information provided have been carefully elaborated for general information purposes only. However, they are not intended or able to serve as a source of legal advice in individual cases. We therefore assume no liability that the provided information is correct, up-to-date, or accurate. Furthermore, Defensive shall not be liable for any links to external websites operated by third parties.
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  6. Insofar as personal data is not involved, all parties which use the Defensive website and provide information to Defensive consent to Defensive obtaining unrestricted right to this information and to Defensive being able to use this information in any manner desired. Confidentiality does not apply to the information provided by the user.