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About Specialized Services

Being able to control and foresee threats against your products is our mantra, whether that is illicit trade, counterfeit, illegal cross-border sales, contraband, or IP infringement (e.g., across social media platforms, online marketplaces, or websites). Our legal partners cover all aspects of enforcement in every region and any language worldwide. This background makes us able to act and react against any challenge your company, brand, or product may encounter. Besides thriving (and succeeding) in preventing illicit trade, in case of an emergency, our team of experts (and set up) will be able to help within days, and even within hours.

Specialized Services



We crawl and monitor your brands on social media, websites and marketplaces.


We analyze all data collected and remove all irrelevant information.


Collected data will be used for evidence upon closure of illicit sites.

Market Surveillance

We assist with protecting your brand, by identifying unauthorised sellers, monitoring distributor pricing and notifying sellers of minimum advertised price (MAP) violations or sending defamation of character letters.


Defensive will send detailed report for approval before closure of illicit trade.

Take Down

Once the take down has been enforced, Defensive will be monitoring and blacklisting the offenders to prevent further criminal activities.