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About Attack

‘A chain is only as strong as its weakest link’ is a concept that also applies to your IT security. How solid is your business’ defense against cybercriminals? We put our expert ‘white hat hackers’ to identify your company’s cybersecurity weaknesses. Through practices as pentesting, red teaming, and vulnerability scanning, we draw a clear picture of the actual performance of your cybersecurity system and assess your IT department on how these vulnerabilities can be rectified.

Attack- Red Teaming



With the penetration test from Defensive, we identify the vulnerabilities that exploit the business logic in your company's applications. We find the existing potential weaknesses, and together with you, assess which ones should be prioritized. We can perform Pentests of IoT (Internet Of Things), clients and servers, mobile devices, SCADA systems, wireless systems, web application, and the network.


Our internal and external vulnerability scan gives you an overview of devices on your company's infrastructure and their current security level via their patch and configuration setup. It shows you which systems are most at risk and what vulnerabilities the various systems contain.

Awareness / Phishing

We take on the role of an attacker to detect and eliminate existing weaknesses in both the technical infrastructure of your company, and in your employees’ digital behavior. Our custom-made phishing templates allow you to reuse and change/configure as much as you need.


The ultimate test of IT security where all attack surfaces and methods are in play. Our team of experts provides the ability to mimic real attack scenarios without the actual risk of being the target of such attacks. Our converged approach can combine:

  • Physical attacks (e.g., gaining access to the business facilities, social engineering).
  • External cyber-attacks (attack on internet-related assets).
  • Internal cyber-attacks (attack against internal and wireless networks).