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About Defensive

Defensive is a consultancy firm, expert on digital and physical security solutions fully tailored to your business-specific needs. As your trusted advisors, we translate technical complexities within information security challenges to a relevant context for your company. We are specialists focused on helping your business decipher the current threat landscape, improve your information security, and increase your ability to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats. Our work does not finish when we deliver a report – we involve your team going through the full process from the initial assessment to the conclusions.

Our range of services has developed at the clients’ request. Some of our solutions include penetration testing, red teaming, vulnerability scanning, contingency test, digital investigation & incident response, managed SIEM service, SOC services, e-learning, team training, and workshops. If you face a different security challenge, we will create a completely adapted solution for your company matching your budget. We are powered by knowledge, and our priority is your safety.

We are located at:

Solrød Center 109,
2680 Solrød Strand